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Small Groups

There are several ways to get involved at the BCM! One of the best is by getting plugged in with a small groups. Each of these groups are designed as communities where supportive friendships are formed and spiritual growth encouraged. 

Life Groups

Life Groups are our version of a Bible study! We have a Women's and a Men's Life Group that meet weekly throughout the semester to study certain topics or books of the Bible.

The Women's Life Group will meet every Thursday at 6:00pm at the BCM. This group is led by Kaylee Potter, Neka Long, and Hannah Elkins. 

The Men's Life Group will meet every Monday at 6:00pm at the BCM. This group is led by Keaton Sharpe, Tyler Parrott, and Brett Kramer.

If you're interested in participating, fill out this form, and we will get you the info as soon as we have it!

Freshman Leadership

Freshman Leadership is designed to plug freshmen together at the BCM and to grow their potential leadership gifts. This has been such a great ministry to see each freshmen get involved in the BCM and further their spiritual gifts. Freshmen Leadership this year is led by Sara Miller, Lara Fisher, Zack Naessig, and Eric Niedzielski.

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